Automobile Multimeter Gauge for EGT, Boost, Water/oil

Automobile Multimeter Gauge for EGT, Boost, Water/oil

Automobile Multimeter Gauge for EGT, Boost, Water/oil

Automobile Multimeter for EGT, Boost and More. This digital automobile gauge can be used to measure temperature, pressure and other important parameters such as battery voltage, current and air/fuel ratio.

Its bright LED display is easy to read from a distance as compared with many dim LCD type digital gauges. The programmable alarm will turn on a blue LED in the front panel to get driver's attention if the temperature/pressure is above the setting point. It will also close a relay output port that can be used to turn on a buzzer, shut off the fuel, or turn on a cooling fan. The meter stores the peak temperature/pressure with time that can be checked later. It can also operate in the peak holding mode so that only the maximum value is displayed.

The brightness of LED display can be synchronized with headlight. When the headlight is turned on in the night, the display will be dimmed by the illumination signal. It can also be dimmed directly from the key pad.

Developed based on industrial grade instruments, this four digits gauge offers up to 10 times the resolution and accuracy than the most of 3 digits gauges on the market. Its compact size (24 x 48 mm or 1x2) takes less space than a 52 mm round gauge. For EGT measurement, the meter will work with all EGT sensors on the market, grounded or ungrounded.

There is no input impendence matching requirement. It can display the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is probably one of the most accurate exhaust gas temperature (EGT) monitor on the market.

For boost pressure measurement, the meter will work with all MAP sensors as long as its pressure/output voltage relationship is known. It can display the pressure in either Bar, PSI, or user defined units with high resolution. However, it will not display the pressure with two different type of units in one scale such as PSI for pressure range but inHg for vacuum range. For water/oil temperature measurement, the meter can display from -199 C to 250 C (or -199F to 500F) with 1 degree accuracy when used with our RTD sensor. It will also work with our liquid tight thermocouple based sensor, In addition, it can work with VDO 150C (300F) sensor with a limited display range (50-150C /120-300F).

For water/oil pressure measurement, the meter can work with either old style resistive pressure sensor or the modern style pressure transducer with linear voltage output. The meter offers a regulated 5V DC output for the power supply of the pressure transducer. For air/fuel ratio measurement, it can be used to display either air/fuel ratio or lambda when interfaced with Innovate Motorsports' LC-1 wideband oxygen sensor controller. Please note, the meter cannot work as a stand along AFR with the oxygen sensor unless you are using a controller.

Temperature Sensor, K, E, S, R, J, T, B, WRe3-WRe25 Pt100, Cu50. °F or °C, Bar, PSI, or user defined. 1°C, 1°F, or 0.1°C, 0.

12 V illumination control signal, or key pad. ±0.2% or ±1 unit of full input range. Relay contact: 3A at 240VAC.

Maximum, Max time, Minimum, Min time. 100 hrs with 1 minute resolution. 12 (8.5-16.5)VDC. 24 x 48 x 75mm (1/32 DIN). We are not liable for any damages caused due to improper use or abuse.

Note: The gauge can only work with one sensor at a time. You may use an external mechanical switch to make it work with multiple sensors of the same type.

It is not practical to switch two different types of sensor while you are driving because you need about 10 seconds to change input settings of the gauge. (It might be as short as one week when lucky, but that is not the general case). For South Europe, Russia, Asia: Central region of Canada: 3-4 weeks. For Middle East, Central and South America 5-6 weeks. The item "Automobile Multimeter Gauge for EGT, Boost, Water/oil" is in sale since Thursday, May 6, 2010. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\In-Car Technology, GPS & Security\Other In-Car Technology". The seller is "auberinstruments" and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Automobile Multimeter Gauge for EGT, Boost, Water/oil

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