12 VOLT 300 WATT ELECTRIC HEATER with FAN for UTV Cab Golf Cart RV Camper Auto Car

12 VOLT 300 WATT ELECTRIC HEATER with FAN for UTV Cab Golf Cart RV Camper Auto Car

12 VOLT 300 WATT ELECTRIC HEATER with FAN for UTV Cab Golf Cart RV Camper Auto Car
Tap the link at the bottom of this paragraph to view our full item description before purchasing. 300-Watt, 12-Volt DC, Ceramic Heater with Fan. For use with 12-volt DC systems see. Heat+fan or fan only switch. This will allow us to confirm compatibility and discuss the possibility of other accessories interfering with the installation.

This 12-volt DC ceramic plate heater with ultra-quiet fan is designed to be wired into a 30-amp fused circuit or wired directly to your vehicle's battery with the included cord and ring terminals. The heater is capable of delivering up to 300-watts of heat; the maximum you can safely get from a vehicle's 12-volt battery.

In order to achieve a steady 300-watts of heat, the electrical system must produce a constant 30-amp current. The unit features a safety burn-guard grille that provides extra protection to you and your travel companions. Only use heater when vehicle engine is running to avoid draining the battery. 300-watts of heat producing power (the max you can safely pull from 12-Volt DC). Ceramic heating element for long life and enhanced efficiency.

Adjustable fan speed dial allows user to control output. Burn-Guard grille material covers heating element for added safety. Direct hookup to your vehicle's battery or wired into an unused 30-amp circuit. 15-foot long power cord with battery ring terminals preinstalled. Heater and fan circuits are fused separately with easy access to ATC type fuses.

Adjustable base allows user to tilt the heater up or down. Heat+fan or fan only setting with the flip of a switch. Heat is produced quickly and delivers consistent warmth were you need it.

Requires a 30-amp in-line fuse and fuse holder when connecting directly to the battery (not included). Select an image or the text below for a closer look at the important details. Enter a brief description of the product detail pictured to the left.

This item is designed to fit. Enter a single paragraph for products that have no more than one compatibility requirement. For products with two or more compatibility requirements, hide this section and use the following "fit-specs-list" instead. 12-volt DC electrical system with 30-amp capability.

An available 30-amp fused circuit (or direct wire to battery). Enter additional notes here or HIDE this paragraph if it is not needed. See compatibility chart below for list of known compatible vehicles.

Special Edition (SE) vehicles may require the removal or modification of other accessories for compatibility with our products. If your vehicle is not listed in the Compatibility chart above, accessories for your vehicle are likely available in a different listing. Please attempt to locate your vehicle in the list below and navigate to the corresponding products using the link provided.

To see similar accessories for these vehicles. When contacting us, please have your 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN or Serial #) available.

Take a look at this image to determine how to measure for a proper fit. Don't forget that we are here to help! Voltage Requirement: 12 Volts DC. Total Amperage Draw: 22-25 Amps.

Fan Amperage Draw: 0.45 amps. 30 amps max (regulated in the circuitry).

Pulse Start Current: < 28 amps. Fuses: (2) ATC-20 (external case mount), (1) 30-amp in-line (not included). Power Cord: 12-gauge stranded-wire, 15 ft.

Ring Terminals: positive = 3/8" ID, negative = 5/16" ID. Heater requires a 12-volt DC fused circuit capable of providing a constant 30-amp current in order to achieve a steady 300-watts of heat. (1) - Swivel mount base. (2) - Installation screws (for mounting the swivel mount base). (2) - Adhesive foam pads (for mounting the swivel mount base).

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The item "12 VOLT 300 WATT ELECTRIC HEATER with FAN for UTV Cab Golf Cart RV Camper Auto Car" is in sale since Wednesday, March 2, 2016. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\In-Car Technology, GPS & Security\Other In-Car Technology". The seller is "things*sought*after" and is located in Lapeer, Michigan.

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12 VOLT 300 WATT ELECTRIC HEATER with FAN for UTV Cab Golf Cart RV Camper Auto Car

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